Award Sticker シルバー(24mm 315片)


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On Sale 9/5/2022!
Perfectly sized for the Writing Homework Stamp!
Glitter stickers to put on the “done” Writing Homework pages. With pencil marks!

  • 5 sheets (315 sheets)
  • Diameter 24mm

Visualize your writing work with the Writing Homework Stamp!
1. Place the Writing Homework Stamp on the student’s textbook.
Students will write down the English sentences in their notebooks by the next lesson.

2. The following week, when the homework has been completed, place a silver sticker over the Writing stamp on top of the text.


★Writing homework assignments can be checked easily by giving students two notebooks with the same name!
By having each student have two notebooks, students can submit a.b. notebooks alternately each week. This allows the teacher to have more time to correct homework before the next week’s lesson, without taking time out of the lesson. (Similar to the Handwriting a/b system)
▲Collect A’s notebook and have them write this week’s homework in B’s notebook.

With Stamps & Stickers (Award Stickers)

  • Children can see which pages are homework pages.
  • Allows children to easily see which pages have homework completed and which pages have not.
  • Parents can also see the progress of their children’s homework.

Making children aware of their own level of achievement” and “allowing them to experience the joy of reaching their goals” will also help them “understand the extent of their own learning and take responsibility for their learning.

※In the Learning World Series, starting from the Book 2 level, homework is to write down the English sentences from the text in a 4-line notebook. Writing down the English sentences in the text will help you learn the words and how to use them, and will give you “real-world English skills” rather than just memorizing words.
When the Achievement Targets are completed at the end of the year, Achievement Targets No. 16 will have been achieved if a silver sticker is placed on all left-hand pages of the text.>>How to use Achievement Targets

↑Book2 Achievement Targets / Book3 Achievement Targets

Homework Stamps(Listening/Writing)&Award Stickers line-up


Reviewing English outside of the classroom is essential for students to learn to speak English in 1-2 lessons per week. We recommend the use of stamps and stickers to make speaking English the focus during lessons, and Listening and Writing the routine, with the help of your family!

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