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    Stamp the page with the listening homework! Says:「CDを聞きましょう」with a changeable date

NEW renewed stamp!! “Shachihata”

After listening to feedback from teachers, we have updated the Listening Homework Stamp!!
Comments from teachers about the original stamp included:
★ I’d like a stamp without an ink pad (one that I can use one-handed).
★ It’s hard to get a clean impression. A Shachihata-type stamp would be better.
★ There aren’t very many years on the stamp…

Based on this feedback, the NEW “Shachihata” Listening Homework Stamp is now available!

New Features:

1. Stamp is pre-inked! So you don’t need to use a stamp pad any more.
2. It’s easy to stamp! You don’t need to use as much force to stamp the page.
3. The year can be changed separately, so you can get many years of use!
4. Ink is super easy to refill!

Use with stickers of the same size (sold separately) to show homework assigned & completed!
    1. Stamp the page with the listening homework. At the beginning of the next class, check and see if students can do the chant, dialogue or song.

    1. If the student can recite/sing the listening homework well, put a gold award sticker (sold separately) over the stamp.

    1. If the student does an okay job, but not great, put a blue award sticker (sold separately) over the stamp.

    1. Later, if a student tries again and can do a better job, put a gold sticker over the blue sticker.

* If they cannot recite the listening homework at all, you can put a second stamp in their book and assign it again!

Perfect size for the Progress Sheet (The Learning World series)!

About refill ink

Five bottles of refill ink are included with the purchase of the stamp, but after they are used up, they can be purchased separately from
*Please purchase the color “red”.


Homework Stamp(Listening/Writing)&Award Stickers LINE UP



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