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    Writing homework stamps, now in purple ink! This stamp will help you to improve your homework by copying the English from the text into a 4-line notebook! 

Homework Stamp now includes a Writing Homework Stamp.


★No need for a stamp pad as the ink pad is attached to the back of the cap.

★Includes 5 bottles of refill ink (refill by dropping a small amount of ink on the back of the cap). You can use it for several years!


The Listening Homework Stamp is a little smaller than the popular Listening Homework Stamp (3 cm in diameter), so it can be easily identified.


Left:Writing Stamp  Right:Listening Stamp  ▲It has a date on it so you know when you’ve done your homework!

From Book 2 onwards, in addition to the listening homework, students should include writing homework in which they copy English from the text into a four-line notebook.

Writing has been added to Book 2 and Book 3 Achievement Targets.

For each student, please prepare two notebooks to complete the Achievement Targets No. 16 at the beginning of the textbook: ” Copied all pages of English on the left page of the text into my notebook.

▲Beginning of the text Achievement Targets (Left Learning World Book2Right Learning World Book3)


For task 16, after memorizing the audio (CD/app), you have to copy the whole English on the left page of the text in a 4-line notebook.


English sentences in a textbook are many times more effective than memorizing words because they contain the words and their usage.

It is important to listen and copy the text at the same time as memorizing it.


➡➡See your homework progress at a glance! Click here to see the Learning World Homework System


Items needed for the Learning World Homework System



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