Color Kyogu (Teacher's Aids) PINK
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    Set of 7 activities (30 sheets) including "Teddy Bear's Clothes" and "Hang-in-there" posters

A must-have item for teachers who are using WELCOME to Learning World PINK.
These activities are for teachers for in-class use. Cut them out and prepare them one time, and you can use them for years and years.

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

  • 34 Sheets  (A3 17 sheets / A4 17 sheets) / 7 Activities / Full color
Practice and Play with PINK Book’s 7 Activities

No.1 Alarm Clock  “What time is it? Time to… It’s … o’clock.”
No.2 What’s in the Cart?  “What’s in the cart?” 
No.3 The Wheels on the Bus  “How many people are on the bus?” 
No.4 TOY BOX  “Which toy do you want? What is it? What color is it?  Where is the…?”
No.5 Teddy Bear’s Clothes  “What’s the teddy bear wearing? The teddy bear is wearing…” 
No.6 Signs ( I like…/I don’t like…)  “Do you like…? I like… I don’t like…”
No.7 Hang-in-there  Vocabulary related to areas of the house (10 posters / 170 words) 

These activities are part of “Color Kyogu (Teacher’s Aids) 39”, No. 1 ~ No. 7.