Color Kyogu (Teacher's Aids) YELLOW
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    Price 4,400JPY

    Set of 12 activities (30 sheets) including "Birthday Cake" with candles and "Action Alphabet Chart"

A must-have item for teachers who are using WELCOME to Learning World YELLOW.
These fun activities are for teachers for in-class use. Cut them out and prepare them one time, and you can use them for years and years.

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

  • 12 Activities / 30 Sheets (A2: 1 / A3: 2 / A4: 27)
  • Heavy cardboard stock / Full color

Includes activity sheets for the popular chants ♪Open the Window (students guess the animal and pick a window to open) and ♪Clap Your Hands with Alphabet (students clap according to the color). These activities really bring your lessons to life!

12 Activities for WELCOME to Learning World YELLOW

No.8 How Many Apples?  
No.9 Birthday Cake
No.10 Finger Family  
No.11 Something Green   
No.12 Let’s Make a Body   
No.13 Eyes, Nose, and Mouth   
No.14 Action Alphabet Chart   
No.15 Clap Your Hands (Alphabet Chart)   
No.16 Open the Window (Animals)  
No.17 Open the Window (House)  
No.18 Let’s Make Fruit
No.19 Five Little Monkeys

The above activities are part of the “Color Kyogu 39” and can also be purchased individually. But buy them as a set for great savings!

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