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Vol.8 Springboard Series & CD

(Release date: July 2010)

4 levels, 4 colors
800JPY + tax

  • Level 1~4……Green
  • Level 5~8……Blue
  • Level 9~12……Purple
  • Level 13~16..… Pink

♪ Audio Contents

●Easy to find and repeat the audio – each track contains 2 pages!

●Audio with Sound Effects to enjoy the listening practice ♪

●Sound of a chime helps students when to turn the page over!

♪ How to use
Listen to the audio CD, and practice reading with audio. The goal is to read at the same speed as the audio, as well as the pronunciation. Once your students achieve reading a story / 1 short book, mark the chart and let them choose the next book to read.
> Springboard Reading Chart

Springboard is an Australian-built program that is used in elementary schools. Level 1 is used in the first grade (5 years old, native). Short stories encourage children to finish reading a book.

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