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Vol.54 Are there any textbooks suitable for 2 and 3 years old? What’s the length of Picture book DVD and consists of how many chapters?

Looking for a textbook suitable for two to three years old. WELCOME PINK and Ice Cream seems interesting. Also, tell me the details of Picture book chants with DVD?

Unfortunately we do not have any textbooks categorized for two years old since toddlers are usually not ready to handle books at their age. Most of schools choose sound-based-materials to get used to the sound.

These are the materials we recommend.

1. NEW Let’s Sing Together CD & SONGBOOK Set (2nd Edition)
29 tunes and London Bridge (with karaoke) for gesturing and singing lessons.

2. Lesson with Picture books by Songs and Chants
These books come with DVD. Use picture books mainly for classes and DVD for home to bring the English environment.

3. WELCOME to Learning World PINK
Days with mammy is the theme of the book.
(PINK Say Hello Song : )

4. Ice Cream series – Vanilla / Strawberry
Vanilla contains Capital letters. Strawberry with lower-cases with more amount of words compared to Vanilla.

*The length of the DVD :
The DVD contents is the same as its picture book so the length may vary but approximately 5-10 minutes. Two stories are included in one DVD.

*PLATINA Babies FoodPlayground, and  Fun at the Beach contains APRICOT’s original tunes which is fun and themed. Sing together and remember the songs, it could be a great option for a recital. It is fun just to listen on mammy’s lap also.
(PLATINA Babies Theme Song : )

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