About the WELCOME to Learning World PINK Book 2nd Edition
As of 31 March 2021, WELCOME to Learning World PINK has switched to 2nd Edition

About the WELCOME to Learning World PINK Book 2nd Edition
As of 31 March 2021, WELCOME to Learning World PINK has switched to 2nd Edition.

【The 2nd Edition release date 】
Student Book from 31 March 2021
Audio CDs (for students and teachers alike) from 31 March 2021
Teacher’s Manual: March 2022 – Now in full color.
Student CD application: if you are using the 1st Edition, the content will switch to the 2nd Edition when you ‘update’.
There is no reorganization of KYOGU and PICTURE CARDS in accordance with PINK. (As of December 2022).

*There is no need to repurchase instructional items. (The teaching content of each Unit itself will remain unchanged).
*In the case of siblings who share a previous student CD, it is recommended to repurchase the Audio CDs.

◆2nd Edition  Student Book

Current version(1 st Edition) 2nd Edition

Click to enlarge

PINK →PINK BOOK. Color is lighter.
Added the word “Second Edition” to the upper right corner.
Added the words “Good Morning to Good Night
There are no changes to the attached Arts&Crafts and Certificate of Completion.

978-4-89991-480-8Paper for the main text has been changed to a lighter paper that is easier to open.
1,700 yen + tax
1,700 yen + tax ( No change in price )


◆2nd Edition Audio CD(For teachers and students in common use.)

現行版 (1 st Edition)


2nd Edition Audio CD

(先生用生徒用 共通)

1,000 yen + tax
1,100 yen + tax

◆About changes in the textbook

・Front back side of the page

Our popular greeting song Say Hello (2 chorus version and 5 chorus version) is presented. Also, we now have a song for the beginning of the lesson and a song for the end of the lesson!

・The Mezamashi-kun chants starting with Time to and the words for each unit are now printed so that parents can check what students are learning easily. In addition, the CD number of the short dialogue has been printed.

・The picture of Mezame-kun has been moved to the top left corner of each unit to make it easier to read.


・PINK has a dog and a cat on each page. In the second edition, the figurine penguin has been added in some places.

・Unit 10-B is now on two pages!

Unit 10-B Click here for a printout.

・At the end of the book there is a collection of 100 words.

・Syllabus has been added


◆About the audio

★To increase the amount of content that we want parents to listen to together, we have changed the name of the CD to “PINK Audio CD” for both students and teachers.
The design of the CD jacket and CD label has been changed. The price is 1,100 yen.

*The track numbers on the CD are the same as those on the 1st Edition Teacher’s CD. No need to replace your instructional materials with this revision. Additional audio for this revision is included on track 90 and later.

PINK The audio of the new recording is as follows

The tempo of the chants in ♪Unit 7-A has been slowed down a bit and some of the words in English have been changed.

Unit 7-A  Click here for printout

♪ Song for the beginning of the lesson #90 ♪ Song for the end of the lesson #91 are added.
Short songs that can be used not only in PINK class but also in YELLOW, BLUE, and Book1 classes have been added.

Front back side of the page Click here for printout

♪Added 30 examples of everyday expressions (dialogues) to use at home.。 #92-97
・As a page for parents to look at, we have collected routine English that can be said at home in daily life.
We also printed the Japanese meanings on pp.46-47 so that parents can easily understand the meanings.

pp.46-47 Click here for printout

For teachers who already have Teacher`s Book

This revision is a minor change, so there is no need to replace the teacher`s book itself. Please note that the chants in Unit 7-A have been changed in words. Please check the script here: Unit 7-A
Some of the pictures in the textbook have been rearranged from the 1st edition.

For those who would like to order a 1st Edition student CD

 Click here for PINK 1st Edition Student CD
・Also available at bookstores and distributors; if you would like to order the 1st Edition Student CD, please specify PINK 1st Edition Student CD ISBN 978-4-89991-036-7.

For those who currently have the 1st Edition Teacher CD

You can keep using your existing CDs. Please download the audio for the supplementary pages added in the Second Edition from the following link.

#43 Unit 7A  chant: Let’s Stop
#90 Hello Dear Friends
#91 Goodbye Dear Friends
#92 Mommy and Me Talk 1
#93 Mommy and Me Talk 2
#94 Mommy and Me Talk 3
#95 Mommy and Me Talk 4
#96 Mommy and Me Talk 5
#97 Mommy and Me Talk 6

For first-time purchasers of PINK instruction items after April 2021

Please purchase the Teacher’s Pack, which contains items for teachers, for the best price.
・PINK Teacher’s Pack  ISBN 978-4-89991-429-7
Cards, teaching tools, and instructional materials are also available for sale. If you are purchasing separately instead of the Teacher’s Pack, please see the table below.

April 2021~ WELCOME PINK lineup

WELCOME to Learning World PINK BOOK

商品コード 商品名 ISBNコード 本体価格
NEW 10007 Student Book 2nd Edition (page 48) 978-4-89991-034-3 1,700
NEW 10040 Audio CD 2nd Edition ★
(Both teachers and students can use the same one.)
978-4-89991-481-5 1,100
NEW※1 10070 PINK Teacher’s Pack
The set contains  ★ four items.
978-4-89991-429-7 12,000
NEW※2 2nd Edition Teacher’s Manual ★ 978-4-89991-479-2 2,700
No changes 62002 PINK KYOGU+Dialogue Cards★ 978-4-89991-906-3 5,500
No changes 10050 PICTURE CARDS PINK★ 978-4-89991-460-0 5,200


No longer available for sales 10000 1st Edition Student Book(40 pages) 978-4-89991-034-3 1,700
No longer available for sales 10000 1st Edition Student CD 978-4-89991-036-7 1,000
No longer available for sales 10010 Teacher’s Manual w/Class CD 978-4-89991-035-0 4,700

※1 The contents have been changed, and the teacher CD has been changed to “PINK 2nd Audio CD”, and the ISBN code and price have also been changed.
※2 The set with the teacher’s CD has been changed to the individual teacher’s book. There is no change in the instructional content. (CD#43 will be changed in the audio content.) Click here to download and use the new script.

Dear Teachers

We would like to express our sincere apologies for the inconvenience and trouble of having to replace our stock, as it was physically difficult to provide the materials in the normal reprinting process due to the shortage of supplies at the beginning of the new school year.

Apricot Publishing Co.


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