Learning World Book 1 text with QR (3rd), released on 10 March 2022.


The Learning World-like features have been retained, but the learning content is now visualized for easier review.


【Main revision details】
1 Achievement Targets Try your best to do this much: two new tasks added, from 16 to 18.

2 Chants page: prints the first English sentence of the chants and the letters of the key words.

3 Appendix: a fun list of verbs and Wh-Questions from Book 1.

4 Words column to also visualize the vocabulary of the Communication Activity (1 page plus).

5 Student CD audio now with QR code. Additional audio for #100-153.


Important: Please note the following when using the Teacher’s Manual ROM
Please read carefully.→「Learning World 1(3rd Edition instruction guide)
The text is now available with audio QR and the song at the beginning of the book has changed.
・Please click here to listen to the audio of Say Hello from the Warm-up and Review section of the Teacher’s Manual, and Action Colors from Units 1-2. Say Hello Action Colors
・Unit 7-2 and Unit 10-3 have changed on the right-hand page of the text. Please see the new instructional content above.


Former editions are only available while stocks last.
Those who have the Teacher’s Item do not need to replace it.
(This revision is limited to changes that do not require the replacement of teacher’s items.)

The current edition (2nd Ed.)      Student Book with QR  (3rd Ed.)
Paper is now 15g lighter and easier to open than before
The QR code will be placed at the bottom left of the front cover.
ISBN:978-4-89991-400-6 ISBN:978-4-89991-525-6
List price: 1,870 yen (tax included) List price: 2,200 yen (tax included) *No CD as this is a text with audio for students


【♪Audio for Students.】

Please listen to the audio of the text on your computer or device.

1. Instead of the student CD, the audio of the entire textbook (#1-153) can be imported to your computer by reading the URL at the beginning of the textbook.

2. 54 additional tracks of audio: In addition to the current version of the student CD audio (#1-99), there are additional end pages and Communication Activity audio (#100-153). These are previously only available on Class CDs.

3. The additional audio and the audio at the beginning of each unit can also be accessed on your device using the QR code on the text.

4The new 3rd Edition student app will appear on your phone screen with a new icon “Book 1 Pro” when you download it; it will appear on your phone with different data than the 2nd Edition student CD app (can be used offline).

There is no CD in the new edition as the text contains audio QR codes (Student CD (audio)” is only available in the current edition).

  The current edition (2nd Ed.) Student Book with QR (3rd Ed.)


ISBN:978-4-89991-402-0  ―
List price: 1,210 yen (tax included)  ―


【♪Audio for Teachers】2CDs

Class CDs (2nd Ed.) NEW Class CDs (3rd Ed.)
ISBN:978-4-89991-405-1  ISBN:978-4-89991-585-0
List price: 3,300yen(tax included) List price: 3,300yen(tax included
【♪Audio for Teachers】Class CD(3rd Edition),” an audio CD for teachers, is released in conjunction with the revision of the textbook.
The CDs are yellow on the surface.
●For those who already own the 1st Edition “Class CDs”: The additional audio for the 2nd Edition is now available. Please download and use the additional audio.。Click here●For those who have 2nd Edition “Class CDs”:When importing a CD to your computer, if the title of track 01, 02, 03… and the title does not appear, please try the following.
On the iTunes screen, click on the “Advanced” menu in the upper right corner (or on the jagged symbol (just to the left of the extraction logo), then click on “CD Info”, “Import”, and then click on the “Import” button.
Select the symbol “Get CD Track Name” to the right of “CD Info” and “Import” to see the name.
Click on “Load.”・Please use the Say Hello audio in the “Warm-up & Review” section of the Teacher’s Manual and the Action Colors audio in Units 1-2.
♪Say Hello ♪Action Colors


【The total amount of items for students】 

The total price of student items in the new edition will be 880 yen (tax included) cheaper!

  The current edition (2nd Ed.) Student Book with QR (3rd Ed.)
1 Student Book: 1,870 yen (tax included)
2 Student CD: 1,210 yen (tax included)★ Student CD app: 500 yen (tax included) as before3 WORKBOOK: 1,100 yen (tax included)4 Handwriting (a/b): 880 yen (incl. tax)
1 Student Book: 2,200 yen (tax included)
(2. Student CD is not available)★ Please scan the QR in the text for audio.★The  Student CD app is available free of charge for 3rd Ed.
( please refer to the end of the 3rd Ed. textbook)
3 WORKBOOK: 1,100 yen (tax included)4 Handwriting (a/b): 880 yen (tax included)
■The total of 4 items: 5,060 yen (tax included)
★If you use the “CD Apps for Students” instead of the CD, the price is 4,350 yen.
Total of 3 items excluding Handwriting: 4,180 yen (tax included)
■Total of 3 items: 4,180 yen (tax included)


Total of 3 items excluding Handwriting: 3,300 yen (tax included)


【Changes in the new textbook】

1 Achievement Targets in this text: the number of tasks has increased from 16 to 18.

2 Chants page: some or all of the text is printed.

3 Appendix: A list of verbs and Wh-Questions from Book 1 (with audio) has been added to the end of the book.

4 Visualisation of the Communication Activity vocabulary in the Words section at the end of the book (plus one page).

   The current edition (2nd Ed.)    QR付Student Book  (3rd Ed.) 

▼Appendix: List of verbs and Wh-Questions from Book 1 (with audio) added at the end of the book.


Click here to print out p.72   p.73

▼Communication Activity vocabulary is now visible in the Words section at the end of the book (plus one page).

Click here to print out


Items that have not changed as a result of this mini-revision

Items for students: WORKBOOK, Handwriting a/b (please use the current ones)
Teacher’s items: Class Cards CD-ROM/ Activity Sheets 90 (please use the current ones)


3 ways of purchasing Book 1, the Year 2022

【A: Continuing to use the current version of the textbook】

1. Specify the current edition of the textbook instead of the new edition with QR code. Click here

2. The current version of the textbook will be available again this year on the Student CD (¥1,210 including tax) or the Student CD App. The CD application for students can be downloaded by guardians (500 yen including tax).


Book2, Book3 with QR codes will be scheduled to be published in 2023.

Please note that Book2 and Book3 will be sold in the same way as before this year.



【B: Continuous users: those who wish to purchase the textbook with QR code from this year】

1. Please specify the new edition of the Student Book with QR Code (3rd Ed.) (ISBN 978-489991-525-6).
2. There will be no change to the WORKBOOK and Handwriting a/b. Please purchase the current version.

3. There is no need to re-purchase the teacher’s items.

The changes and additional audio and pages are available on the website. Click here

●Teacher’s Manual CD-ROM: Please refer to the web for the pages with additions and changes.
●Class CD (2 CDs): If you already have the CD, you can download the additional audio from the website.


【C: For those newly using Bk1 (those who are purchasing teacher items)】

1. Textbook: Please specify the new edition of the Student Book (3rd Ed.) with QR (ISBN 978-489991-525-6).
2. Teacher’s items: Please purchase the NEW Teacher’s Pack (ISBN 978-4-89991-587-4), which corresponds to the new edition.

*This pack contains 4 items for teachers.

*4 items are included in this set, but the Class Card Rom and Activity Sheets 90 are unchanged. The 2 CD set for teachers will have some additional audio.)



Book 1 with QR (3rd Edition) Line-up

Product Code Product Name ISBN Code Price incl. Tax Publication Date
NEW 10350 Student Book with QR
(with audio QR code)
978-4-89991-525-6 2,200 3/10/2022
No change 10324 WORKBOOK 978-4-89991-401-3 1,100 On sale
No change 10393 Handwriting (a/b 2copies) 978-4-89991-499-0 880 On sale
NEW※1 10353 NEW Teacher’s Manual CD-ROM
(based on textbook with QR)
978-4-89991-586-7 4,400 Scheduled for 3/10/2022
NEW※2 10352 NEW Teacher’s Audio CD
(based on textbook with QR)
978-4-89991-585-0 3,300 Scheduled for 3/10/2022
No change 10332 Class Cards CD-ROM(cards) 978-4-89991-415-0 3,850 On sale
No change 10328 Activity Sheets 90(KYOGU) 978-4-89991-406-8 7,150 On sale
NEW※3 10351 NEW Teacher’s Pack 978-4-89991-587-4 14,300 Scheduled for 3/10/2022

※1 Changes and additions will be published on the website.
※2 Additional audio will be available on the website.
※3  Contents: 1. NEW Teacher’s Manual CD-ROM, 2. NEW Teacher’s Audio CD, 3. Class Cards CD-ROM (cards), 4. Activity Sheets 90 (color KYOGU)
(1,2 are the new edition, 3,4 are the same as the current edition)

Product Code Product Name ISBN Code Price incl. Tax Publication Date
Limited Stock 10321 2nd Edition Textbook 978-4-89991-400-6 1,870 Now on sale
Limited Stock 10322 2nd Edition Student CD 978-4-89991-402-0 1,210 Now on sale
No longer available 10377 2nd Edition Teacher’s Manual CD-ROM 978-4-89991-414-3 4,400 Switch to the QR version of the textbook
No longer available 10327 2nd Edition Class CDs 978-4-89991-405-1 3,300 Switch to QR version of the textbook
No longer available 10325 2nd Edition Teacher’s Pack 978-4-89991-403-7 14,300 Switch to QR version of the textbook


Upcoming mini-revisions of the Learning World Series

[“QR Code” will be available in 2022 ].
Book 1

[ Scheduled to be released with QR code in 2023 ]
Book 2
Book 3
Click here for 2021 (last spring) revision. (PINK, READY, Book2, Book3)

*There are no plans at this time to switch to the QR format for WELCOME PINK, READY.
*There are no plans at this time to change Book 4 and Book 5 to the QR format.


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