For teachers who have YELLOW PICTURE CARDS (1st).

The 28 additional cards from the revision can be downloaded below. The cards will also be available in the form of cardboard cards for sale exclusively on e-APRICOT from 10 May. (Front cover/picture    back/text)

Click here to order.

To print, please use the following. Please note that pressing ‘Print’ will print 28 sheets (or 14 sheets) at once.


A: Those who want to use illustrations only.

→Illustrations only (printed one at a time on one sheet of paper) Click here(PDF color 28 pages)


B: Those who want to make a card with a picture on the front and text on the back (either ① or ②)

①Concerned about printing costs?
1. Illustrations only (two printed on one sheet of paper) Click here(PDF color 14 pages)
2. Text only (two printed on one sheet of paper) Click here(PDF black-and-white 14 pages)

On A4 paper.
1. print only the illustrations in ‘color printing’ and 2. print only the text in ‘black and white printing’.
After printing, glue them together and cut them down the middle.

② For those who are concerned about the time and effort required.
・Illustration and text (on a sheet of paper, top – illustration, bottom – text (upside down) Click here(PDFcolor 28 pages)
Print in ‘color’ on A4 paper.
After printing, fold in the middle and use.

*Both (① and ②) will be one size smaller than the cards you already have.
If you want to make them exactly the same size, print out the illustrations only (PDF 28 sheets) from ‘A: For those who are OK with pictures only’ and
Cut around the perimeter and use it.

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