Learning World 3 Textbook with QR (3rd)

Keep the fun alive. Mini-revised for the times.


With audio & video QR code   Workbooks remain unchanged.
(2nd / 3rd common)


【Main revisions: two types of QR codes: audio and video】

1 Audio now with QR code. Additional audio, e.g. Communication Activity on top right page.(Please note that no student CDs are available.

2 Chants video QR code included; 13 chants/songs now have videos to help you remember the content.

3 Appendix at the end of the book: more pages for review and retention, and the Words column also visualises the vocabulary of the cards and teaching tools used in the activities on the right-hand page.

4 Text: changes and corrections have been made in line with the times and the guidelines of the Ministry of Education textbooks, and some pictures have been leveraged to encourage more speech. (See below)



Teacher items do not have to be replaced.
   Old Edition (2nd Ed.)         Student Book with QR Code (3rd Ed.)
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Lighter and easier-to-open paper than before.
Marked ‘with QR’ in the lower left-hand corner of the front cover.
ISBN:978-4-89991-418-1 ISBN:978-4-89991-674-1
List price: ¥1,700
1,870 yen (tax included)
Audio available on CD or app (paid for).
List price: ¥2,100
2,310 yen (tax included)
*No CD to hand out to students, as it comes with audio QR code.
Two editions: please do not mix 2nd and 3rd Editions in the same class. (The paper is not exactly the same, which makes it difficult to teach and prevents the lesson from progressing smoothly.)

★If you currently have 2nd Edition stock, please use the 2nd Edition this year to ensure edition consistency.

★If you prefer the CD to the app as your weekly English audio assignment, please choose the current edition (2nd). (There are no plans to release the 3rd Edition on CD).


【Textbook revised part】

There will be no significant changes to the Achievement Targets at the beginning of the text volume or to the content of the instruction.
     Old edition (2nd Ed.)      Student Book with QR code  (3rd Ed.)
 Unit6-3 p.38

Jason is taller than I. is changed to …than me.
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 Unit7-1  p.41

Where are you going?
White map with Japan as in Book 1, with Japan in the EAST map.
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 Unit7-2  p.42

Then you are younger than I!  is changed to    …than me!
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 Unit9-3 p.57 

than I.  is changed to  …than me.。
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 Unit10-1 p.59 

Added Phonics Rule: oo at bottom.

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Other changes were made to the pictures (cordless vacuum cleaner, TV picture).
Vocabulary: Words in the text remain unchanged. Achievement Targets in the text remain unchanged.


▼Appendix page Increased

p.72 :Additional directions chants. p.73 :How do you say… in English?
My Own Dictionary added

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p.74 :Numbers page added p.75 :Phonics page added

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p.76 :Phonics page added p.77 :Phonics page added

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▼Words Words Words:  Words for Communication Activity  added(Total of 6 pages)

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【 ♪Audio for students】 No student CDs are available for the 3rd Edition.

Apps are available for both 2nd/ 3rd.

Student audio #1-97 is the same for both 2nd and 3rd; additional audio #98-209 for 3rd.

  Old Edition (2nd Ed.)    Student Book with QR code (3rd Ed.)
List price: ¥1,100
1,210 yen including tax
(No CD production available)
2nd Audio application available (500 yen).

(Check the end of textbook)
3rd Audio Pro app available

(Check the end of textbook)
Please listen to the audio of the text on your smartphone, tablet or other device or computer.
■Number of tracks:Total 209
*Audio of 30 chants and conversations on the left-hand page of the text, audio of the word column (rhythm reading), audio on the right-hand page of the text, audio of the appendix at the end of the text from p. 64, karaoke of all songs in the text, plus Listening Test audio.1 Hold your smartphone (device) over the QR code in the text to listen to the audio. (Internet connection required) 2 The new 3rd Edition app will appear on your phone screen with a new icon called ‘Book 3 Pro’ when you download it. (Different data from the 2nd Edition student CD app) (can be used offline).

3 In addition to the 2nd Edition student CD audio (#1-97), there are now more end-of-book pages and Communication Activity audio (#98-209). *The audio for #98-209 includes rhythm readings, songs and listening tests that were previously only available on the Class CDs.


Items that will change as a result of this revision

Apart from the textbook, no other items will change.

For students: WORKBOOK (can be used as it is now).
For teachers: Class Cards CD-ROM/ Activity Sheets 111 (can be used as they are now).
*The Teacher’s Manual ROM itself remains unchanged.

★「3rd Edition Teaching Guide」Click here to print out (A4/ 4 sheets)


Frequently asked questions.

Q: I already have items for teachers. Do I need to replace them?
A: There is no need to replace them. Additional cards and audio data will be available on Apricot-Online, so please be patient.


Student item prices

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Book2 with QR code(3rd Edition) Line up
Product Code Name of the Product ISBN code List Price Tax-included Price
NEW 10560 Student Book with QR code(3rd Ed.)
(with audio/chants video QR code).
978-4-89991-674-1 2,100 2,310
No change 10523 WORKBOOK(2nd&3rd共通) 978-4-89991-661-1 1,350 1,485
No change 10555 LW3 Teacher’s Pack 978-4-89991-662-8 15,700 17,200
No change 10577 LW3 Teacher’s Manual CD-ROM 978-4-89991-425-9 4,000 4,400
No change 10595 LW3 Class Cards CD-ROM 978-4-89991-426-6 3,500 3,850
No change 10537 LW 3 Class CD(Teacher’s audio CD) 978-4-89991-423-5 3,000 3,300
No change 10546 Learning World 3 (2nd) Activity Sheet Collection 111 978-4-89991-663-5 9,500 10,450

In 2024, the 2nd Edition will be sold in parallel; we also have a stock of 2nd Edition student CDs.

Product Code Name of the Product ISBN code  List Price Tax-included Price
Sold in parallel in 2024. 10521 2nd Edition Student Book 978-4-89991-418-1 1,700 1,870
Sold in parallel in 2024. 10522 2nd Edition Student CD 978-4-89991-420-4 1,100 1,210


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