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Vol.66 New Penmanship:How do I insert underlines?

I want to insert underlines like the example in the manual of New Penmanship. (For example: pen  _en  _en)   Please advice how to do it?

Thank you for using our product. We apologize for not stating it in the Manual PDF.

To insert an underline  :
Insert a space in where you would like to add an underline. Then select the space area and click “underline key” in the software. You can add a longer underline by selecting a longer space area.

In this software, space area is recognized as a letter. Inserting a space in advance will allow you to add an underline.

Vol.65 How can I use a purchased “Student CD App” with a new device?

I purchased Learning World STUDENT CD App but I changed my smartphone. Can I download the app to my new device?

(*Book 4 App release is scheduled at the end of June 2019.)

From iOS to iOS : Your purchased history is saved in AppStore.

From Android to Android : Your purchased history is saved in Google Play. All the apps are re-downloadable with the same ID.

From iOS to Android or vice versa : Your purchased history cannot be linked. You will need to purchase the app for the new device.

【No sound in app?】
– Please check the volume key on your device.
– Please check your device is not set to silent mode?
– Please check your device is not connected to Bluetooth.
– Try restarting your device.If the sound doesn’t work after trying all of the above, please contact :
★No sound from an app on iPad?
Mute setting for apps might be turned on. Please check your device setting.


Vol.64 Handwriting for Book 2 or Book 3?

Learning World 1 Handwriting has been published. Will Handwriting product for Book 2 and Book 3 be published also?
Handwriting (Book 1) was published as a writing workbook for the first and the second grade of Elementary students.

1 ”WELCOME to Learning World”(PINK, YELLOW, BLUE) will build vocabulary and basic expression.

2 At the beginning of “Book 1”, start tracing and writing. Getting used to writing will guide to word familiarity.

For learners of “Book 2” or “Book 3”, students already have 5 or 6 years of experience. At this stage they write sentences and words in a notebook, instead of tracing.

★Notebook 10 lines (Blue)

★Notebook 13 lines (Purple)

Although we recommend to use a notebook for “Books 2” learners, we have been receiving requests for Tracing “Workbook for Book 2” or “READY for Learning World”. We may publish them in the future depending on the requests and the needs.

*”Book” 1 also has a Workbook and adding Handwriting for homework might be too much? – Not quite! A school tried using “Handwriting” and “Workbook” homework (in “Book 1” class with 300 students in total) for one year and received positive feedback from parents.

Vol.63 What color of Reward Stickers should I give to my student?

In the product description, it says that these stickers are to show support from teachers to students. But some students compare the color of the stickers to other students’ and they seem depressed. When I see my students in a sad state, I feel like I should give them gold stickers even though I know that they have not achieved the level. But at the same time, I know that I should encourage them to get a gold one by trying harder. Is there a direction of which sticker should be given?
There used to be only gold and blue stickers and we heard that a lot of students who received blue stickers lost their motivation. Some teachers used the gold stickers with cutting them in a half or three-quarters, to support kids. Blue sticker is for “Keep it up!” Bicolor sticker is for “Almost there!” and GOLD Sticker means “Achieved”

Students should have Bicolor or Gold sticker for all the topics by the end of the textbook. Rewarding with a better sticker than it should be is not a problem, as long as it keeps students motivated.

Vol.62 What Picture books are suitable for lessons with BLUE textbook?

What picture books are suitable for lessons with BLUE textbook?

The following table shows the same categories as each unit in BLUE and picture books.

contents in BLUE Picture Books
Unit 2  Greetings / Numbers Pal the Parrot/ Tiny Boppers
Unit 3  Colors / Alphabets A Beautiful Butterfly/ abcd Chants
Unit 4  Animals Open the Window / My Pet/
Me Myself(*adjectives)/ One Boy and His Friends
Unit 5  Family Where is Everyone?
Unit 6  Food What’s in the Cart?
Unit 7  Body Parts A Teddy Bear/ With My Eyes
Unit 9  Seasons Our Sweet Home

*There are no animals in the”Me Myself” picture book but the “A Happy Cat Song” in the unit contains adjectives (happy, sad, angry, scared). “Me Myself” picture book allows students to review the various adjectives.

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