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Vol. 4 Beginner class of kindergarteners: WELCOME YELLOW? PINK?

I have a class of kindergarteners who are studying English for the first time. Can I use WELCOME to Learning World YELLOW? Or is it too hard to start with YELLOW without doing PINK first?
WELCOME to Learning World YELLOW is recommended for kindergarten (nen-cho) students who are studying English for the first time. Students do not necessarily need to study PINK first. YELLOW is designed for beginning students to have fun and train their ears to hear English through fun songs and chants, and simple dialogues. The short dialogues between friends are perfect for students of this age.

PINK follows the daily life of a child and interaction with Mom and Dad. This text is recommended especially for 3-4 year olds, whose lives are centered more around interaction with their parents than with their friends.

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