★Learning World 2 Student Book with QR code【3rd Edition】
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    Launched 3/4/2024! Text now with audio QR & chants video QR!

For grades 2-4; 3rd Edition: text with audio & chants video QR code.

(We also have sufficient stock of the current 2nd Edition. If you are new to Learning World this year and would prefer CDs as audio for your students, please purchase the 2nd Edition).

2nd → 3rd Edition Click here for the contents of the 2nd → 3rd Edition.
Learning World 1, with the addition of interrogatives, the auxiliary verb will, exclamations, interrogatives, etc., more ‘reading’ and ‘writing’ of whole sentences and short stories.

The Student Book with QR provides access to audio & chant videos via a QR code.

●Learning World 2 Learning content *Click to enlarge

Click here to print(PDF 2 sheets)

Main Character

Mark(9years old  Canada)、Yumi(Japan)、Min(China)、Nelson(Brazil)、Ema(France)

Intended for.

READY completers/ Learning World Book 1 completers who have been learning English from an early age

The left-hand page consists of chants, dialogue, and Words column,
The right-hand page consists of communicative activities, listening, phonics (reading three-letter words), etc.

Learning World 2 Self-expression activities Student works!

◆For teachers using Learning World.

Find out what you need to know at the beginning and end of the financial year, etc. ⇒ 「Learning Worldシリーズをお使いの先生方へ」(Full use of teaching materials).


▼Learning World Series Line-up

◆To the previous level. >>READY ◆To Next level >>Learning World 3  


▼Learning World 2 Line-up

Items for students

Learning World 2 Student Book with QR code【3rd Edition】
QR付 Learning World 2 テキスト ISBN:978-4-89991-673-4
Listed price:¥2,100
Learning World 2  WORKBOOK(2nd/3rd common)
改訂版 Learning World 2 ワークブック ISBN:978-4-89991-658-1
Listed price:¥1,150
(supplementary material)Click on Phonics WORKBOOK 2
Listed price:¥580
(supplementary material)My Words 564 ith QR code
Listed price: ¥1,700
(supplementary material)NOTEBOOK 10 Lines
Listed price:¥900
※5 books per pack. To be shared with your class.

Items for teachers

Learning World 2 Second Edition Teacher’s Pack
4,950 cheaper than buying in separate items, including tax.
改訂版 Learning World 2 Teacher's Pack For teaching Book 2, please purchase a Pack. It contains the items marked with ★ below.
Listed price:¥17,000
*available for sale in separate units(★marked)
★Learning World 2 Second Edition Instructional Manual CD-ROM
改訂版 Learning World 2 指導マニュアル CD-ROM ISBN:978-4-89991-416-7
Listed price:¥4,000
★Learning World 2 Second Edition Class CD
(Teachers’ audio CD).
改訂版 Learning World 2 Class CD (教師用音声CD) ISBN:978-4-89991-412-9
Listed price:¥3,000
★Learning World 2 Second Edition Class Cards CD-ROM
(Teacher’s card CD-ROM)
改訂版 LW 2 クラスカード CD-ROM (教師用カードロム) ISBN:978-4-89991-417-4
Listed price:¥3,500
★Activity sheet collection 133
アクティビティ・シート集133 ISBN:978-4-89991-660-4
Listed price:¥11,000
If you want instructional items in data.
From APRICOT-Online Book 2
【DL】Book2 Teacher’s Manual 2000 yen (incl. tax)
【DL】Book2 Class Cards 3000 yen (incl. tax)
【DL】Book2 Class Audio 2000 yen (incl. tax)
【DL】Book2 KYOGU Set 5800 yen (incl. tax)
Learning World Series Click on each book title for more information

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