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    Launching in April 2024! Texts now with audio QR & chants video QR!

For grades 4-5. 3rd Edition: Textbook with audio and chant video QR code.
(We have plenty of the old 2nd Edition in stock. (If you are new to Learning World this year and would like the audio CD for your students, please purchase the 2nd Edition.)

Grammar chants are popular with older children! The right-hand page of the textbook is a creative extension of the older students’ intellectual curiosity, and in addition to reviewing the material up to Learning World 2, students will learn about there is/are, singular and plural irregular nouns, future tense will, past tense changes of common verbs, wh questions and how to answer them, infinitives, verbal nouns, comparatives, superlatives, past and progressive tenses, and more. Progressive Tense, etc. will be studied.

The contents of the 2nd → 3rd Edition are click here.

Please use the Student Book with QR to access the audio & chants video from the QR code.

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Completion of Learning World 2, at least 4-5 years of experience in English (standard when transitioning from other series).

Currently, 6th graders in public elementary schools are using “Did you…? It was fun. Therefore, it is helpful to make it a habit to ask students what they did yesterday, last weekend, during the summer vacation, and on consecutive holidays, and to answer in English during the lessons.

The textbook consists of 10 units; if one book is used in a year, the pace is one unit per month with one lesson per week.

◆Click below for an example lesson from Book 3 (go to Matthew’s Classroom blog).
⇒Sample lesson from Unit2-2 What are you doing?
⇒Sample Lesson for Unit3-1 A dog! Look! More than one… DOGS!

Book3  Presentation Page Student Works:


◆For teachers using Learning World

This page contains information on what to keep in mind at the beginning and end of the school year, frequently asked questions (differences between student and teacher CDs), and more.
Please click here. ⇒ 「Usage and Methods」


▼Learning World  Series Lineup

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Learning World 3 Lineup

Items for Students

Learning World 3 Textbook with QR code (3rd Edition)
Learning World 3 テキスト ISBN:978-4-899991-674-1
List price: 2,100 yen
Learning World 3  Workbook (with Eiken support CD)
Learning World 3 CD付 ワークブック 2nd, 3rd common
List price: 1,350 yen
( supplementary materials )  Click on Phonics WORKBOOK 3
List price: 580 yen
( supplementary materials )  My Words 564
List price: 1,700 yen


( supplementary materials ) NOTEBOOK (10 Lines/Blue)
List price: 900 yen
*This is a pack of 5 books. Please split them up by class.

Items for Instructors

Learning World 3  Teacher’s Pack
Save 4,730 yen tax included compared to buying in bulk
Please purchase a Pack for Book 3 instruction. It contains the items marked with ★ below.
List price:  15,700 yen
*Available for sale in bulk (marked with ★)
★Learning World 3  Instruction Manual CD-ROM
List price: 4,000 yen
★Learning World 3  Class CD (Audio CD for teachers)
List price: 3,000 yen
★Learning World 3 Class cards CD-ROM(Teacher’s card ROM)
List price: 3,500 yen
★Activity Sheet Collection 111
Activity Sheet Collection 111 Unit7-1 sample
List price: 9,500 yen
If you want instructional items in data
APRICOT-Online Book 3
【DL】Book3 Teacher’s Manual 2000yen (tax included)
*Japanese (or English) only
【DL】Book3 Class Cards 3000yen (tax included)
【DL】Book3 Class Audio 2000yen (tax included)
【DL】Book3 KYOGU Set 6000yen (tax included)
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