Phonics Alphabet Posters (2 posters)
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    Images so students can correctly write within the lines!

Alphabet Practice Poster is a perfect solution for learners for example;

* Capital Letters are easy but lower-cases are difficult!

* “b” and “d” or “p” and “q”… they are confusing!

* Writing “e”,  “s”,  “j” etc… in reverse!

* Positioning of “p”, “q” “y” is hard to remember!

Images so students can correctly write within the lines!

White-board material so students can practice writing the letters over and
over again. Images of houses help students understand how to use the lines to write lowercase letters.

Letters are not in the order of a ~ z, but based on their height!

Using the houses’ heights as a visual guide makes it easy for students to grasp the concept of letters’ size and placement.

Students can use the house image to the left of the ruled lines to easily recall how to write the letters within the lines.


* Alphabet Poster (1-story, 2-story, and 1-story with basement) (59.4×84.1cm)
* Practice Poster (no letters, whiteboard finish for repeated practice) (59.4×84.1cm)

Special Bonus!

“Alphabet House Song” Free download available! Download it here!


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