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Vol.63 What color of Reward Stickers should I give to my student?

In the product description, it says that these stickers are to show support from teachers to students. But some students compare the color of the stickers to other students’ and they seem depressed. When I see my students in a sad state, I feel like I should give them gold stickers even though I know that they have not achieved the level. But at the same time, I know that I should encourage them to get a gold one by trying harder. Is there a direction of which sticker should be given?
There used to be only gold and blue stickers and we heard that a lot of students who received blue stickers lost their motivation. Some teachers used the gold stickers with cutting them in a half or three-quarters, to support kids. Blue sticker is for “Keep it up!” Bicolor sticker is for “Almost there!” and GOLD Sticker means “Achieved”

Students should have Bicolor or Gold sticker for all the topics by the end of the textbook. Rewarding with a better sticker than it should be is not a problem, as long as it keeps students motivated.

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