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Vol.64 Handwriting for Book 2 or Book 3?

Learning World 1 Handwriting has been published. Will Handwriting product for Book 2 and Book 3 be published also?
Handwriting (Book 1) was published as a writing workbook for the first and the second grade of Elementary students.

1 ”WELCOME to Learning World”(PINK, YELLOW, BLUE) will build vocabulary and basic expression.

2 At the beginning of “Book 1”, start tracing and writing. Getting used to writing will guide to word familiarity.

For learners of “Book 2” or “Book 3”, students already have 5 or 6 years of experience. At this stage they write sentences and words in a notebook, instead of tracing.

★Notebook 10 lines (Blue)

★Notebook 13 lines (Purple)

Although we recommend to use a notebook for “Books 2” learners, we have been receiving requests for Tracing “Workbook for Book 2” or “READY for Learning World”. We may publish them in the future depending on the requests and the needs.

*”Book” 1 also has a Workbook and adding Handwriting for homework might be too much? – Not quite! A school tried using “Handwriting” and “Workbook” homework (in “Book 1” class with 300 students in total) for one year and received positive feedback from parents.

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