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Vol.57 Do you have other materials that includes “*** stories” and “stroke orders” which is in the notebook (8-lines)?

We have been using the 8 line notebooks for elementary students and it has been very useful. The notebook has a print of the “*** stories height” and “stroke orders” on the reverse side of the cover page. Do you have other products that contains the same or similar contents?

Learning World Book 2 (1st edition,published in 1995) used to have a page on its textbook like the picture below ;

This page is useful for writing reference and we put this also on the notebook (8 lines). After receiving many requests, we released its poster version on 25th April 2018.

Phonics Alphabet Posters (2 posters)

We are introducing a song themed “easy-to-remember the order strokes” (lower-cases) in association with this poster.
Download the song from here ;

Check out our videos of the songs ↓

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