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Vol.58 Can I import pictures into New Flash Card Maker?

Not all words have pictures in the internal dictionary of New Flash Card Maker. Is it possible to import some pictures from my computer? If it is please explain how-to. For example it is not handy not to have pictures of hand, photo, what, think, this, that, he, she etc.

Importing pictures is not supported but for those words without illustration can be pasted to Word data by copying the words.

Please see “Q5” in the picture below (click to expand) *Japanese ;

When you are making cards, you can fix the picture and edit the words then you can use the existing pictures for other words.


*To create an image of “hand” (when you need only a picture of one hand): you can use the picture from “fingers”. “hand” does not contains a picture but type “fingers” and [fix the image] then change the word to “a hand”.

Or pictures of “hands” or “clean” are picture of both hands, you can circle one of the hand and use it as a picture of “a hand”.


*To create an image of “photo” : use pictures from “ski, soccer, computer etc” and [fix the image] , then change the word into “photo”.


After installing NEW FCM, there will be a shortcut to a PDF of NEW FCM Manuals on your desktop. The Manuals has a list of all images at the end so you can check all the pictures.

*Creating “this, that, what, he, she” :
Make a word with NEW FCM and paste it to Word. Also paste the image of your choice there.

Flash Cards Maker User’s Guide contains lots of user tips. It was made for Flash Cards Maker (Basic 2007)* but the contents are also usable for NEW Flash Card Maker. We wish this guide can be an useful reference. *The user’s guide is written in Japanese

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