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Vol. 60 Is YELLOW textbook too easy for 1st grade Elementary school student?

I am looking for a suitable textbook for students who are in the 1st grade at elementary school. Considering between YELLOW, BLUE or Book 1.

For beginners in 1st grade elementary school students, we recommend WELCOME YELLOW. Topics like Alphabet, family, numbers, food and body parts are included in YELLOW and they can learn basic vocabulary. Songs and chants will allow students to learn basic vocabulary efficiently in a fun way. Book 1 is made for students who have learned approximately 400 words in their previous studying years (266 words in YELLOW, 315 in BLUE) and is recommended for those who have experienced the basics to start learning in earnest. There are also pages that students can try to figure what they are interested, or discuss about their own opinion in Book 1. To pick one from PINK or YELLOW or BLUE, YELLOW which includes basic words and conversation, will be the most efficient choice to start studying with Book 1.

The following steps of skipping BLUE after YELLOW are suggested depending on the students level.

YELLOW (1st grade)
Book 1 (2nd grade)
READY (3rd grade)
Book 2 (4th grade)
Book 3 (5th grade)
BRIDGE (6th grade)
TOMORROW (Junior-High)

BLUE can be an option instead of YELLOW. These two books contain similar vocabulary and sentences.

Students can learn more by using YELLOW as a basis and teachers add songs and chants from BLUE to their lessons. For example : Use songs and chants from Unit 6 – Food (BLUE) in a lesson of Unit 8 – Food (YELLOW).

Both YELLOW and BLUE contain topics such as Food, Body Parts, Family, Colors, Alphabet and Animals etc. (preposition, shapes and verbs start in BLUE as a new category)

Learning words and dialog through activities with songs and chants will help students to remember English easily, and it also helps their future studies after Book 1.

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