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APRICOT SUMMER FESTA 2021 (July 27, Aug 4, 22, 28)

Thank you for sharing your summer break with us! A total of 245 children joined our online FESTA.

All 4 dates have been completed! 
Which team won the MVP badge?
FESTA Report (AUG 28th)

Special Thanks to Kierynn-sensei for leading the last session as an MC on the August 28th event!


FESTA Report (AUG 22nd) 30 questions in Quiz Battle! 


We connected to Hawaii, New Zealand, Singapore, and Australia!


After an exciting quiz battle and fun games, we enjoyed communicating in English!


 Special Thanks to MAYUMI-sensei, the FESTA coodinater!

★Summer Camp & FESTA Uniform and Learning World T-shirt on sale now💛

★Participation badges and other prizes have been dispatched on August 24th.
FESTA Report (AUG 4th) ♬ 


10 teams from Hiroshima, Hyogo, Osaka, Aichi, Shizuoka, Kanagawa, and Tokyo!


Connect to the World!  : New Zealand, USA, and Italy



Kids will be guided by Mayumi (Festa Coordinator) through the event!



Connect to the teachers around the world! ♪

The quiz session was exciting! Congratulations to the prize winners!



FESTA letterhead template


Print the poster: full version  /   template A  /  template B


FESTA tickets have been dispatched!

Ticket image for July 27th

Ticket image for Aug 4th

Ticket image for Aug 22nd

Ticket image for Aug 28th



HALF DAY Program💛

*Please join the ZOOM Meeting 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

13:30~14:45 FUN TIME
・Rock, Paper, Scissors with 100 students!
・A minute speech! Talk about your hometown.
・Quiz Battle! How many questions can you answer?
・“THE BEST” Game: Find “The Best of 〇〇!” 
★MVP Badge will be given to 1st place winners!!
(Turn the video off and take a break)
15:00~16:30 CHALLENGE TIME
~”REAL” Communication Experience~
Chat with native English speakers around the world! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes in English, your teachers will be there for you💛


4 hours of online English experience!


💛Let’s have fun in English!

☑ Review effectively!

☑ Make new friends!

☑ Connect to the World!

☑ Memorable Summer Holiday!

☑ Build confidence!


【Age】Elementary School and Junior-high school students (3 years of experience: Learning World Book 1 or higher-level learners)

【Fee】2,000 – 3,000yen / person (Prices vary depending on your venue setting and the number of people)

【Venue】Your school, or prepared venue by your school’s choice.


■Mayumi Nakamura (FESTA Coordinator) (canvas,  Nagano / Learning World certified School)


(Photos from Online Camp 2020)

★FESTA Reservation status★ (last update: 12:00 August 18th)


Team Tue, July 27 Wed, Aug 4 Sun, Aug 22 Sat, Aug 28
1  Reserved  Reserved  Reserved  Reserved
2  Reserved  Reserved  Reserved  Reserved
3  Reserved  Reserved  Reserved  Reserved
4  Reserved  Reserved  Reserved  Reserved
5  Reserved  Reserved  Reserved  Reserved
6  Reserved  Reserved  Reserved  Reserved
7  Reserved  Reserved  Reserved  Reserved
8  Reserved  Reserved  Reserved  Reserved
9  Reserved  Reserved  Reserved  Reserved
10  Reserved  Reserved


◆FESTA application on e-APRICOT


★Exclusive sticker set for the first 20 teams to apply for FESTA★🎀



【Setting for this event】

 Please note that this SUMMER FESTA can be applied per group/school. (One PC to be shared by a team)

The preferred setting (webcam, microphone, speakers, etc) may vary depending on the number of your group. 

*More details will be introduced at Info Session on June 27th and July 4th.


Join our SUMMER FESTA and become a member of “APRICOT EVENT Mate”!
“APRICOT EVENT Mate” members will be eligible to apply for our future events at discount prices.
*APRICOT EVENT Mate membership expires in June 2022
*APRICOT EVENT Mate is a new membership program and the discount offers are automatically applied for existing Learning World Certified Schools and APRICOT Mates.


FESTA Info Session  Sun, June 27th & Sun, July 4th (20:00~)


☑How to participate

☑Recommended ages, experience, numbers of students per monitor, etc.

☑How to apply

☑About the Program

☑Our requests to teachers, etc

Participate in the Info Session and Get 10%OFF for Event application!


▶Apply for June 27th

▶Apply for July 4th


★Total 20% OFF for 2021 Learning World Certified Schools

SUMMER FESTA 2021 Inquiry: please email us with the title “SUMMER FESTA”


【Frequently asked questions】

①   How many students can join this event?

The ideal number is 6 per group. We are planning this event suitable for  6 to 12 students per team (per one ZOOM screen). Some of the programs are designed for a maximum of 6 students, however, teams with 6+ members can participate in this event by taking turns.

② What do we (school) need to prepare? 

Any school that can prepare a computer with a webcam, speakers, and internet connection can apply for this event.

③  What is the School teacher’s role on the day of the event?

Please support your students when participating in the event programs and also when they are off-screen.

④  Can I join the event individually?

SUMMER FESTA is a group event, we kindly ask you to find your teammates to apply for this event.

⑤   What are the recommended ages and experiences?

3 years of experience or longer, Learning World Book 1 or higher-level learners are all suitable for this event. Groups with mixed-age are welcome too.

⑥ Can a class/team that is not using Learning World textbooks apply for the event?

Some programs (eg. quiz)  are related to Learning World characters and contents. However, non-Learning World-learners are eligible to apply for this event. Feel free to join us! … guessing answers in the quiz session can be fun too!


 Make more friends in English Learning Community!


APRICOT Publishing introduced Summer Camp Program in 2019 to Learning World Certified Schools., to provide experience and keep students motivated.


Thanks to Mayumi Nakamura (canvas, Nagano) for being a coordinator of SUMMER FESTA, we are planning this year’s Summer event full of online activities involving students from all around Japan.


We prepared 48 slots in total, for 48 teams to enter the event. Will you join us online? We hope to see you on the screen!


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