WELCOME YELLOW 2nd Edition (Release date: April 14th, 2022)

The fun of the pictures of each scene in the text is retained, and clarity is visualized.


In the WELCOME series of textbooks for young children, we have tried to create a bright, fun, humorous, not too realistic and dreamy page with a structure that changes with each turn of the page. This gives the teacher a lot of freedom and encourages children to look at the pictures throughout the text.


【Main revisions】

  • Word pictures and letters added below the scene pictures in each unit
  • Audio numbers printed on the dialogue as well as the songs and chants
  • Additional illustrations for “small stories” to help children interact with English in a fun way
  • New Words section at the end of the book. Visualizes what vocabulary will be used
  • Smaller characters from “Kids English Books” related to the unit are added
  • Added the word YELLOW to the Certificate given at the end of the year
  • The audio on the student CD has been changed to include a QR code.


*For the year 2022, there will be a transition period during which both the old and new editions will be available for purchase.
(If you wish to continue using the current edition, 1st edition is still available to order.)
2nd edition with QR code is scheduled to be dispatched from April 14th.
    the current edition (1st Ed.)          Student Book with QR code (2nd Ed.)
A ” Logo with QR ” will be placed on the bottom left corner of the cover.

ISBN: 978-4-905737-40-7 ISBN: 978-4-89991-483-9
Price: 1,870 yen (tax included) List price : 2,200 yen (tax included) *No CD for student audio


【♪About the new edition of the audio】

・Words for each Unit, The Days of the Week and other audio will be added.

・Some audio previously only available on PICTURE CARDS YELLOW and Teacher’s CD will be added.

*In Unit 10B, the songs change.

The audio can be accessed at the URL at the beginning of the text and the entire text can be downloaded to your computer.
You can also listen to it on your device using the QR code on the text.
※The teacher’s CD (Class CDs) will consist of one current CD and two CDs.


The new edition does not include the student CD, which is sold separately.

  the current edition (1st Ed.)             Student Book with QR code (2nd Ed.)


ISBN: 978-4-89991-007-7  ―
Price: 1,100 yen ( tax included)


April 7, 2022 Important Notice Regarding the ACTIVITY BOOK

In order to minimize delays in the supply of materials for the new academic year, we have decided to publish the [2nd Edition] of the ACTIVITY BOOK in the next academic year.

If you adopt the Student Book with QR [2nd Edition] (released on April 14) this year, please use the current edition of the ACTIVITY BOOK, which is the reference workbook currently on sale.

We apologize for the change from the original announcement.


【Total amount of items for students】
In the new edition, the total price of items for students will be reduced by 770 yen (including tax).

            the current edition (1st Ed.) Student Book with QR code (2nd Ed.)
1  Student Book 1,870 yen (tax included)

2  Student CD 1,100 yen (tax included)
★CD apps for students: ¥500 as before ( tax included)
3  ACTIVITY BOOK 660 yen (tax included)

1  Student Book 2,200 yen (tax included)

(2 Student CDs are not available)

★The audio is available in the following formats: “Import one book to your computer” and “Read the QR in the text”.

★The audio is available in the following formats: “Import one book to your computer
The student app is free for 2nd Ed.
( Please refer to the end of the 2nd Ed. textbook)

3  ACTIVITY BOOK (2nd) 660 yen (tax included)

 ■Total of 3 items: 3,630 yen (tax included)

★Instead of CDs, “Student CD Application”
If you use this service, it costs 3,030 yen

■Total of 2 items: 2,860 yen (tax included)


The last page of the text, Unit 10-B, changes.


A Words section has been added to the last page of the book.


Each paper will be easy to I Spy (mikke) and easy to interact with the children by looking at the pictures (some excerpts below. (The details and colors of the pictures may differ from those in the actual publication.)


Added the words ballon and teddy bear to the picture in the children’s English book Vol.4 A Teddy Bear.

Added grey to the color of the balloons.

Add a variety of clothes from the picture cards as well as t-shirts.

More animals added! Also printed with the words a rabbit, a dinosaur, a tiger, and a snake.

Add kookaburra, frog from “Chants de Picture Book Open the Window”.


Added illustrations of a dog and a cat (next to the bench, between the slide and the jungle gym)



Items for teachers that have not changed as a result of this revision

・YELLOW KYOGU+Dialogue Cards (Also available in revised form)

Teacher’s items with changes.

PICTURE CARDS :There are no obstacles for teaching with the cards so far.

partial change】28 additional cards. Some changes to clothing pictures(Replacing pictures of clothing with unisex ones from a gender perspective.)



➡➡28 additional cards are available on the web. (Click here


■Teacher’s CD:  If you already have a Teacher’s CD, you can use your previous CDs, but please note that the track numbers are different from those in the text.

【partial change】The audio of Unit 10-B will be available on the web.(Available for download)


➡➡Click here to order the Teacher Audio CD for 2nd Edition support, available on 15 April 2022. (2nd Edition corresponding Class Set of 2 CDs.)




Teacher’s Manual: There are no significant changes to the content of the guidance.(Except Unit 10B)

Some of the text paper within the instruction manual will change. Please be aware of this and the current edition can still be used for instruction.


2022 YELLOW can be purchased in three ways

【A:If you would like to use the same current text as last year.】

1.The current 2nd text and ACTIVITY BOOK are available for purchase.
Student Book(1st)ACTIVITY BOOK(1st)


2. Audio: Student CD(1,100 yen incl. tax)or use the student CD application.

*The BLUE text with QR code will be scheduled for release in 2023 (next year). There will be no revision of BLUE this year.



【B:For schools who wish to continue to use and to request a new edition this year.】


1.【Student items】The student CDs are no longer available and are replaced by the following two items.

「Student Book with QR code【2nd】」(ISBN 978-489991-483-9) *Scheduled to be available for shipment from 14 April.
「ACTIVITY BOOK」(ISBN 978-4-905737-49-0) *Please order the current edition.

IMPORTANT: 2022/04/07 Please continue to use the ACTIVITY BOOK currently available (there will be no transition to this year’s revised edition).

2.【Teacher’s items】If you have a teaching manual, you do not need to repurchase teacher items.
●Teacher’s Manual :You can still use the old version.*Some changes are made to the Student Book pages.
※Unit 10-B, which changes content, will be available free of charge on the web.(Please wait for the release of this information.)


【C:New YELLOW users (who do not have teacher’s items).】

【Updated on 23 March.】

This year is considered the ‘edition transition year’ for textbooks.

As we are currently working on a revised edition of the instruction manual, we recommend the previous (current) edition if you plan to use WELCOME to the Learning World YELLOW BOOK for the first time this year.


Information on each item in the old edition
【For students】
・「Student Book(old version)」(1st Edition) 978-4-905737-40-7 ¥1,870(including tax)
・「Student CD(old version)」(1st Edition) 978-4-89991-007-7 ¥1,100(including tax)
・「ACTIVITY BOOK(old version)」(current versin)978-4-905737-49-0 ¥660(including tax)

※For those who do not have a CD deck, there is also a Student CD App, which contains the same content as the Student CD. The app is purchased per device, please see the information at the end of the text (old edition). (500 yen including tax)


【For Teachers】
Teacher’s Pack   978-489991-457-0 ¥14,850(including tax)

*Value pack of four instructional items. Save ¥2,750 including tax compared to purchasing them separately.


If you use the previous edition this year and then move to the revised edition next year, you do not need to purchase any new teacher items for the revised edition. Additional cards and instructional content will be available as downloads from the web.





Data for 28 additional picture cards (picture/text) (free DL here)


➡The 28 cards added as part of the revision will be printed on cardboard and sold exclusively through e-APRICOT. (Available at the end of April: front cover pictured/back cover/text).


2 Instruction Manual 【2nd Edition】
Additional Unit 10B instructional content PDF data / Audio mp3 data



【About the 2nd Edition instruction manual】

The launch is scheduled for the end of June.



Q:Can I use my previous instruction manuals?
A: Available for use. The only change in content is in Unit 10-B on the last page.

(The contents of Unit 10-B and the teacher’s audio will be available on the website as soon as they are ready.)

A vocabulary column has been added to visualise “what vocabulary is used in this situation”, but there is no task to spell words in the Achievement Targets. As in the past, the emphasis is still on memorising song chants.


Q: What if my brother or sister wants to use their text?
A:  To avoid teaching difficulties, please ensure that editions are aligned within the class. Please inform parents/guardians of the re-purchase.

As the text is audio-centered throughout the year and the children will be looking closely at the pictures in the text, we ask that the editions are matched within the class.


Q: I understand that there is a high demand for QR codes, but I still want my students to have CDs.
A: As we value the ability to listen to the audio anywhere, anytime in this series, we have received many requests to discontinue the CDs and for QR codes, but we will continue to sell the Teacher CDs (Class CDs), both for Book 1 and WELCOME YELLOW. We have not yet decided on the sale of the ‘Student CDs’ for Book 1 and the new YELLOW, but we may consider selling them exclusively on e-APRICOT if necessary. (as of 15 April 2022)


Q: How long will the ‘Student CDs’ be available?
A: The current version of the Student CD is fully stocked for 2022. There will be no Student CDs available for the new edition with QR codes. If we determine that there is a high demand for Student CDs in the future, we will consider releasing them as an e-APRICOT exclusive product from 2023 (not yet determined at this time).


Q: If I want to listen to the audio in the car, do I have to ask parents to download the app?
A: We recommend downloading the Student CD App as it can be played continuously offline.

The app’s audio.
・Connect your smartphone to the car navigation system via Bluetooth and listen to it.
・Connect your smartphone to your car navigation system (car audio system) with a USB cable and play it back.
You can listen to the music in your car in the following ways

It is also possible to download the audio in batches to an SD card, insert the SD card into the car navigation system slot and play it back.
※Please check whether your Android smartphone is compatible with a USB cable and whether your car navigation system is compatible with an SD card before using this function.


Q: You will need a mobile phone/tablet. Some families do not allow their children to use mobile phones. I think this is a very useful feature.

A: It is possible to import the audio in its entirety to a PC, so it can be imported into iTunes etc. and played back on the PC.

(It is also possible to burn the audio from the PC onto a CD-R in ‘audio CD’ format. In this case, two CDs will be required).


[About the student CDs]

For a long time, audio has been provided to students as a ‘student CD’ at a cost of 1000 yen.

1. the suggestion that families do not have CD decks at home; and

2. the case is prone to cracking; and

3. in terms of de-plasticization.

4. the fact that CDs are limited to a headcount of 99 (a single CD cannot contain more than 100 audio tracks) and that the audio content will increase to more than 100 with this revision

We have taken the decision to eliminate the student CDs.

We hope you understand the use of apps and QR codes.


2022 YELLOW Line-up.
Product code Product Name ISBN Code Including tax
NEW 10161 Student Book with QR【2nd】
978-4-89991-483-9 2,200
In 2022.
No change.
10140 ACTIVITY BOOK (1st & 2nd common) 978-4-89991-49-0 660
NEW Teacher’s Manual【2nd】(BOOK) To be confirmed
NEW 10167 Class CDs【2nd】set of two

*Disc 1 is text-based, Disc 2 is all karaoke.

978-4-89991-487-7 3,300
NEW 10171 PICTURE CARDS YELLOW【2nd】188 cards; no CDs. 978-4-89991-484-6 5,500
No change 62012 YELLOW KYOGU+
Dialogue Cards
978-4-89991-907-0 5,060
NEW 10166 Teacher’s Pack 【2nd】


1 Teacher’s Manual
2 Teacher audio CD
4 YELLOW KYOGU+Dialogue Cards

978-4-89991-486-0 To be confirmed

【Limited sale of a ‘three-pack of instructional items’ during the transition period】

To avoid complications, the sale of the YELLOW [2nd] Instructional Items 3-Piece Pack (ISBN 978-4-89991-529-4), which was scheduled for release in mid-April as an interim pack until the Teacher’s Pack was completed, has been discontinued. We apologise for the change from the original announcement.


Product code Product Name ISBN Code price including tax
only available while stocks last 10010 1st Edition textbook.
(40 pages total text) Sold while stocks last.
978-4-905737-40-7 1,870
only available while stocks last 10130 1st Edition Student CD 978-4-89991-007-7 1,100
only available while stocks last 10111 1st Edition instruction manual with CD 978-4-89991-046-6 4,840
only available while stocks last 71000 30 Lesson Plans
for Young Learners
978-4-89991-043-5 1,980
only available while stocks last 10150 1st Edition PICTURE CARDS YELLOW (with CD) 978-4-89991-443-3 5,720
only available while stocks last 10170 1st Edition YELLOW Teacher’s Pack 978-4-89991-457-0 14,850

※1 Student Book with QR [2nd] is scheduled to be shipped on 14 April (Thursday). Release dates for other items will be announced as soon as they are confirmed.
※2,※3 This has been changed from the original announcement.
※The sale of YELLOW [2nd] Instructional Item 3-Pack (ISBN 978-4-89991-529-4), which was scheduled to go on sale in mid-April, has been canceled.

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