From January 2022, the Writing Homework Stamp will be added to LW Homework items!


Writing Homework Stamp 1/26 On Sale!

Book 2 and later classes are advised to use the Writing Homework Stamp along with the Listening Homework Stamp.


★No need for red ink or a stamp pad! You can stamp with one hand.

★Comes with 5 bottles of refill ink, so you can use it for a long time.

★The 3cm Award Stickers (Gold/ Bicolor/Blue) can be used as proof of having done the homework.


Writing has been added to the Achievement Targets in Book 2!

For each student, please prepare two notebooks to complete the Achievement Targets No. 16 at the beginning of the textbook: ” Copied all pages of English on the left page of the text into my notebook.

▲Beginning of the text Achievement Targets (Left Learning World Book2、Right  Learning World Book3)


Task 16 requires students to memorize the audio (CD/app) and then copy the entire left-hand page of the text into a four-line notebook. Copying the English in the text is much more useful than just practicing the words because it gives you the words and how to use them. (It is much more useful than just memorizing words.)


Progress on your homework is visible all at once! Learning World Homework System


Homework checks are complete with two different stamps, one large and one small, for Listening and Writing!

Two magic stamps for homework management and visualization of results are must-haves for teachers

  • Stamp with a date to show when homework has been done.
  • 3cm stickers to show that homework has been completed and provide students with a sense of achievement.
  • Stamps and stickers on textbooks to help students and parents keep track of homework.




Find out how to boost your results by 150% with two types of stamps & stickers!


Items: Listening Homework Stamp、Writing Homework Stamp、2 notebooks (both the same notebook), 3cm stickers (Award Stickers)!


How to use them

1. The teacher stamps the Listening Home Stamp and Writing Homework Stamp on the homework page in the classroom.


2.  Students should listen to the audio of the Student Book (CD/app) at home as often as possible. While listening to the audio, students should point and imitate conversations, words, and songs. 


3. Students listen to the audio and copy the left-hand page of the text into a four-line notebook (Notebook A).



4. By using two notebooks per student, one for a and one for b, each week, the teacher can have time to correct the work before the next week’s lesson, without taking time out of the lesson. (Similar to the Handwriting a/b system)



5. Students present chants and dialogues to the class and receive a gold sticker for a job well done, a bi-color sticker for a job well done, and a blue sticker for a job well done on their Listening Homework Stamp.




6. Is the student copying correctly? Are the letters spaced correctly, are the alphabets positioned on the four lines correctly? The teacher will check and circle the student’s writing with a red pen. Once the note has been checked for accuracy, a gold sticker will be placed on the Writing Stamp.



※If a student hasn`t done their homework, the date is changed and the same stamp is put on the same page.
The more students don’t do it, the more stamps they get on the same page.

★At the parent-teacher conference, the teacher can show the textbook to the parents and students and explain the status of the homework clearly at once.

The benefits of the homework system with two types of stamps and reward stickers

1. students are reminded of their progress in listening and writing in the textbook

2. gives students the opportunity to experience the joy of reaching their goals

3. students are able to monitor their own progress and take responsibility for their learning.

In this way, teachers, students, and parents can see the results of their goals and efforts.

4. gradually develop an independent attitude to learning

5. before long, the habit of self-directed learning will be established.

Translated with (free version)


The homework system includes the Progress Sheet at the end of the textbook!

The numbers on the Progress Sheet at the end of the text refer to the page numbers on the left-hand side of the text.
When you have completed your Listening and Writing homework, place a sticker over the page number (or colour it in).
If there is no sticker on the page, it means that you have not done the homework on that page yet.
When all the numbers have been marked, you have completed the text and will receive a Certificate.Check the details here.


Products are based on Learning World author Mikiko Nakamoto’s practice at her school.
Date stamps on textbooks to show that homework has been done, stickers large enough to cover the stamps to make homework ‘visible’, Progress Reports to make it visible at a glance – this system was the idea of Learning World author, Mikiko Nakamoto!


Learning World Homework System Item Line-up

※Please use a four-line notebook with 8 columns (green) or 10 columns (blue).
Reviewing English outside of the classroom is essential if students are to be able to speak English in lessons 1-2 times a week. We recommend focusing on speaking English during lessons, getting help from home for Listening and Writing, and using stamps and stickers to make homework clear and routine!

★Writing Homework Stamp  Check the detail here.

★3cm シール  Check the detail here.

★Notebook  Check the detail here.

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