Learn-Abouts Level 2 Science
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    4 books & CD set: Ocean Animals, What Moves Fast? and others

Books with simple sentences to help students consolidate language and acquire new vocabulary!
Real photos are interesting to students and increase their motivation!
Pack contains 4 books, audio CD, and sticker with book title & CD track numbers.

◆Science 2-1  Animals Need Water  

Word Count: 54
Dictionary Words: antelope, elephant, giraffe, lion, rhinoceros, zebra
Key Sentences: It needs water to live.

◆Science 2-2  Ocean Animals  

Word Count: 54
Dictionary Words: dolphin, fish, octopus, shark, turtle, whale
Key Sentences: It lives in the ocean.

◆Science 2-3  Red 

Word Count: 54
Dictionary Words: chilli pepper, flower, notebook, strawberry, tomato, wheelbarrow
Key Sentences: Ii is a red….

◆Science 2-4  What Moves Fast?  

Word Count: 43
Dictionary Words: cheetah, horse, racing car, runner, shuttle, train
Key Sentences: “I can go fast.”said….

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