About Us

Address: 1-17-2-209 Kakigara-cho Nihonbashi Chuo-ku Tokyo 103-0014
Trade Name: APRICOT Publishing Co., Ltd.
President: Yasushi Yamaguchi
Established: October 31, 1959 (Showa 34) ※Doing business under the name APRICOT Publishing Co., Ltd. from March 1, 2009 (Heisei 21)
Services: Publishing and sales of books and teaching materials (children’s English learning materials CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs; Japanese language learning materials; books introducing Japanese culture), teacher training courses and workshops
Phone: 03-3660-5120 (main number)
0120-489-991 (customer free dial)
Fax: 03-3660-5121
Homepage: Officical site: http://www.apricot-plaza.co.jp
English site: www.apricot-plaza.co.jp/en/index.html
e-APRICOT shopping site: http://e-apricot.net
Membership: JASTEC (The Japan Association for the Study of Teaching English to Children / 日本児童英語教育学会)
JASELE (Japan Society of English Language Education / 全国英語教育学会)
JES (The Japan Association of English Teaching in Elementary Schools / 日本小学校英語教育学会)
JBPA (Japan Book Publishers Association / 社団法人日本書籍出版協会)
Main Customers: Bookstores, prefectural textbook suppliers, wholesale distributors, domestic and overseas educational institutions, English schools, general customers, etc.

Distributors: Nippan, Tohan, Nikkyohan, Osakaya, Chuosha, Kurita Book, Japan Publications Trading Company, etc.
Booksellers / Distributors: Kids Mart, Nellie’s, AK Books, MACS, Royal Books, Mikasa Book Center, Tower Records, Kyobun, Nihon Kyouzai, Asahi Kyoikusha, and about 100 others
English Schools / Independent Jukus: About 12,000
Schools: Preschools, private & public elementary schools, public junior high schools, high schools, nursing vocational school, university, etc. (about 500 schools)
Handling Items: Some products developed by other companies: Macmillan Education Australia, Cambridge University Press, and a few other specific items
Trading Banks: Mizuho Bank, Nihonbashi Branch / Shoko Chukin, Main Branch / Resona Bank, Shintoshin Branch


1959 (Showa 34)
Kyobundo Co., Ltd. established a publishing division. In July of 1995, the publishing division was separated. A number of divisions in the Kyobundo group were integrated and separated, and APRICOT Co., Ltd. was established.

2009 (Heisei 21), March
The publishing division split from APRICOT Co., Ltd., and a new company APRICOT Publishing Co., Ltd. was started.

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