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    Eyes, nose, mouth, ears, legs, arms… what can you do with them? (w/CD)

Terry is drawing a picture of himself. As he looks at it, he wonders, “Eyes, nose, mouth… What can I do with them?”
“With my eyes, I can see. I can see the moon in the sky. Wow! Beautiful!”
“With my ears, I can hear. I can hear my mom. Terry, where are you?”
The story goes through all of the things he can do with different parts of his body. Discovering about their own bodies also helps foster children’s self-esteem.

  • Author: Mikiko Nakamoto, Illustrated by: TMG
  • Size: slightly off A4 / 44 pages / Full color
  • with attached audio CD
  • Language: Body parts and their functions, senses, feelings
  • Supplementary pages: make happy, sad, angry, and funny faces
  • ♪Supplementary songs: “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and “If You’re Happy”

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