NEW! Picture Books by Songs 4 A Boy and His Friends
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    A boy goes in search of a flower, picking up friends along the way. Great for skits!

Based on the song “One Man Went to Mow” featured in Learning World Book 3, this story starts out with a boy on a quest, and the number of animals who join him keeps growing and growing. This song is great fun for preschool and elementary school children. Even though it is introduced in Learning World Book 3, it is not a difficult song.

After listening to his grandmother tell him about a 10-colored flower, a boy decides to go in search of the flower. On his journey, he meets animals who join him. They have to go over a mountain, cross a gorge and go through a cave to find the flower. The first half of the story is told through a song, and the second half through a chant. It is designed to get children up and moving around the classroom, and singing and chanting along with the CD. With the many characters and parts, it is also ideal for a classroom presentation.

This book also introduces the song “The Happy Wanderer” with a fun variation: the “ha ha ha ha ha ha” part is changed to different sounds, like “la la la la la la”. Great for phonics practice! Kids can have lots of fun with this song!

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

  • Size: slightly off A4 / 44 pages / Full color
  • with attached audio CD
  • Language:
    ・Plural for animals (irregular)
    ・Present continuous verbs (~ing)

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