Vol.1 Tiny Boppers
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    Cute tiny boppers present numbers and present continuous action verbs!

Amazing little creatures… Tiny Boppers can fly, jump, dance, march… Count them as they “bop” all over the place!

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

  • Size: slightly off A4 / 32 pages / full color / supplementary activity pages
  • With CD: English and Japanese narration, supplementary song Ten Little Boppers, clapping activity (listen to the clapping rhythm and try to copy it while counting the claps)
  • Theme: Have fun with English expressions
  • Language: Numbers, present continuous verbs
  • Main vocabulary & expressions: numbers 0~10, many
    sleeping, hopping, jumping, falling, flying, swinging, rolling, standing, running, marching

After reading the book, please use the accompanying workbook (recommended for students who have studied English for 2 years, or are 2nd grade or older)
Language used in the picture book is reinforced in the workbook.

One-point Advice

How to use “Tiny Boppers” in class:
(Tiny Boppers pp.12-13)
T: How Many Boppers?
S: Five!
This answer comes to kids quickly, but if you look closer, there are more hiding: in the roof, around the page numbers… There are actually 12 Tiny Boppers on the pages! Kids think finding the hidden Boppers is great fun.

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