A teaching plan for using READY for Learning World in a curriculum with only 30 lessons. It provides lesson plans that demonstrate how to use READY in a large class setting and how to build in necessary review in a shorter time period. Even if you cannot use 100% of the book, you can still have fun, interactive, communicative lessons!

■ Author: Osakasayama-shi Board of Education: Mitsuru Yanagi

  • Size: A4 / 88 pages / Black & white / Photocopiable sheets
  • 70 Classroom Expressions on the back cover!
5 Main Points of 30 Lesson Plans (READY)
  1. The linguistic aims and communicative aims of the lessons are bilingual, so Japanese and non-Japanese teachers can work together and understand the lesson goals.
  2. Needed Game and Activity Sheets are provided in the book as photocopiable materials.
  3. The syllabus is clearly laid out in a chart at the beginning of the book, making it easy to plan for the whole year.
  4. Full-color word list sorted by category so you can see at a glance the vocabulary that students will study over the year.
  5. 70 simple classroom English expressions make it easier to make an English only environment in the classroom.

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