Learning World Information Text with audio QR to be published (updated March 2024)

The Learning World series is in the process of switching to text with audio QR from 2022.

In spring 2024, Book 2 (3rd Edition) will be available on Monday March 4th.
Book 3 (3rd Edition)Orders will be taken on Thursday April. 4th.


▼The following texts are not scheduled for revision in 2024.

*YELLOWBook1 Textbooks with QR are now on sale!

▼This year (2024), the text will include an audio QR code. The price will be revised.

Book2 3rd
Starteds on sale on 3/4 (Mon).
Book3 3rd
Orders will be available on 4/4 (Thursday)
Shipment from 4/5 (Friday)
CHANTS for Grammar
Started on sale on Thursday 21 March.
No Student CD No Student CD  No compliant CD
80 pages with QR 80 pages with QR With QR (no change in number of pages)
Listed price: 2,100 yen
2,310 yen including tax
400 yen more than 2nd in the listed price
Listed price: 2,100 yen
2,310 yen including tax
400 yen more than 2nd in the listed price
Listed price: 2,200 yen
2,420 yen including tax
200 yen more in the listed price
978-489991-673-4 978-489991-674-1 978-489991-675-8


Book3 : Release date of the book.】
Learning World texts for elementary school students use educational and special paper for the text because of the many self-expression activities and activities in which students write, erase, and color in the word boxes themselves with pencil.

【Learning World Book1 Book 2, Book3 Paper Characteristics
・Usage: Easy for students to write and erase letters and drawings on the text paper.
・Weight: Thick but lightweight paper (does not become heavy even when more pages are added)
・Colors: Not too bright and suitable for educational purposes.

Due to the current low stock of this paper, the Book 3 text with QR is expected to be released in the beginning of April.
*If you need the text in your possession by the end of March, we kindly ask you to purchase the current edition.


・The CHANTS for Grammar text with QR code will no longer have a compliant CD attached.

※There is no need to repurchase instructional items for all three books. The Teacher’s Pack instructional items currently available can continue to be used to teach the text with audio QR.

※There will be no reorganization of the workbooks in Book2, Book3.
It can be used with either the 2nd/ 3rd edition of the text.


【Text with QR Frequently Asked Questions】

・If I am using Learning World for the first time this year, should I use the current or the new version?
If you are new to Learning World, we recommend the current edition (2nd) rather than the new version.


・Which text is now with QR?
WELCOME YELLOWBook1-with audio QR
WELCOME PINK/BLUEREADY-Possible transition to QR from the next year onwards.
Book 4 BRIDGEBook 5 TOMORROW-To be transferred to QR from next year onwards.


・Since my siblings are using LW and my older son has the CD and I want to use it as is, I would like the older version, how long will it be available?
We have plenty of old editions in stock.
Older editions are also available for students joining during the current school year.


・We would like to know the total amount for each of the old and new editions, as we would like to standardize the cost of teaching materials for each class.

<Click to enlarge>
Click here for print out


・What should I do if the old and new versions of a text are mixed in a class?
We do not recommend mixing old and new textbooks within the same class.
If you currently have a stock of the old edition in your classroom, we recommend that you use the old edition this year.


・As a parent, I would appreciate a CD for students, but how long can I purchase the old (no QR) version of the textbook?
We will sell as long as we have enough stock. We have enough stock for this year. Please do not worry.


・Will the instructional content change in the new editions(Book2, Book3)?
The content of instruction will not change significantly. The goal is for students to be able to “use” the English they have learned, and we have not significantly increased the content of the lessons.
For Book 2, considering the introduction of English in public elementary schools, we have added about 10 words (shapes such as diamonds, hearts, etc. / stationery and everyday objects such as water bottles, snacks, etc.) as vocabulary useful for self-expression activities.

Additional card images to be added in the new edition will be made available for free download on APRICOT-Online.


・Is it safe to assume that the WORKBOOK is common to 2nd and 3rd?
Yes, you can use either the 2nd/3rd edition of the text.


・I don’t have an audio player; can I listen to it in any way other than on CD, even if it’s not text with QR?
Please use the old version of the text and the 500 yen app. You can choose the audio of the old edition from both the CD and the app.
Click here for a paid application information sheet for each LW volume.


Book2 About the text with QR】

The following additions will be made to the Student Book
1. the audio of the Student CD is now available with QR code as in Book 1. Listen to the audio on your phone.
2. Video QR codes are added to some chants. 3.
3. More vocabulary pages at the end of the book. Vocabulary used in communication activities is visualized in Words Words Words at the end of the book.
4. 6-8 additional pages added at the end of the book (Phonics Reading/Verbs in Use) *The instructional content of Units 1-10 remains basically the same.

*No need to purchase another Teacher’s Pack.
Teacher’s items will remain the same as in the previous edition, and additional content will be made available for free on APRICOT-Online.

*The WORKBOOK will remain unchanged; the same WORKBOOK will be used for both 2nd and 3rd Editions. The additional card images in the new edition will be available for free download in the free print section of APRICOT-Online.

Changes in textbooks:Book 2

・Addition of English text in two places (keep the current text and add one or two lines of English text).
・Some additional activities (Units 9 and 10)

Other changes to the pictures (CDs, TV pictures, etc.) to match the time period.

Vocabulary: In Book 2, we will add about 10 words (shapes such as diamonds, hearts, etc. / stationery as well as everyday objects such as water bottles, snacks, etc.) in response to requests from some teachers, but this is not intended to test vocabulary at the word level. We have only added a few words that are useful for self-expression activities, taking into account that English has been introduced to public elementary schools.

*The Achievement Target of the text will remain unchanged.


Book 3: About the text with QR
1.With audio QR code.
2.Video QR code with 13 locations.
3.More appendix pages; words column plus 2 pages. Additional phrases etc. for use in communication activities.
Appendix: additional road guidance chants. Appendix: additional How do you say… in English?
My Own Dictionary
Appendix: Numbers page added Appendix: Phonics page added
4.Main corrections in the text:
He is taller than I. added with…than me.
7-1:Where are you going? White map with Japan east as in Book 1.
7-2:Then you are younger than I! added with… than me! 9-3:p57 than I.➡than me.
10-1:Phonics Rule added below page
Other changes were made to the pictures (cordless vacuum cleaner, picture of a TV).

Vocabulary: Words in the text remain unchanged. Achievement Targets in the text remain unchanged.


The following texts were revised by the spring of 2023

◆Published in 2022

WELCOME to Learning World YELLOW/ Learning World Book1
More pages at the end of the book to make it easier to understand the instruction (from Spring 2022).


◆Published in 2021: Achievement Targets at the beginning of each volume (try hard to be able to do this much) have been raised to the bottom & some changes made.
Click on the book title for details.



Apologies again for publishing FUTURE
Although there has been a long wait for the publication of Learning World for the Future, we have decided to temporarily suspend the publication of the book after careful consideration of various circumstances.
We sincerely apologize to those professors who have been looking forward to its publication.
We will inform you when the publication will be made available in the future.
In the meantime, we would appreciate it if you could give us some time on a yearly basis.


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