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    Includes 3rd Edition instruction guide; the ROM itself does not switch to 3rd Edition.

Due to the Student Book edition update, the manual guide has been added to the Teacher’s Manual ROM. (No changes in the CD-ROM itself.)   Read more about the 3rd Edition

Complete, detailed instruction for using Learning World 1.  Teachers manual in English & Japanese.

Unit 2-3
Japanese ・English
Unit 5-2
Japanese ・English

■ Author: Mikiko Nakamoto

  • CD-ROM x1  /  Booklet for  Book 1 teachers / Guide for the 3rd edition
  • Bilingual (English & Japanese)

※Audio CD is not included. >>>『NEW Class CDs』(Teacher’s CD)
※Track numbers in the textbook (Student Book) differ from NEW Class CDs.
Track numbers in the Teachers Manual and NEW Class CDs are the same.

↑How to use the Communication Activity is clearly described and shown with pictures to make it easy to understand and use in class.

(The above image is the Japanese version, but the CD-ROM contains the exact same material in English.)


CD-ROM Contents (PDF)

Teaching instructions (147 pages each in English and Japanese) / 3 printable worksheets / Questions List / 2 pages for total text review and evaluation

Computer requirements

Windows 2000 or newer
Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer
Adobe Reader

How to set up for Windows 10: Click here

For Macintosh users

There is a Macintosh version available, but it is not sold individually.
Please buy the Windows version CD-ROM, and contact APRICOT to let us know that you would like the Mac version. We will ask you to send us the Windows version. As soon as we receive it, we will send you the Mac version.
(Please contact us before you send the Windows version, so we can quickly process your replacement.)  CONTACT

Edition Change

Book 1 has been updated to the 3rd edition on March 10, 2022. Please note that some pictures in the 3rd edition may be different from the CD ROM version.

Unit 7-2 and 10-3 Activities have been updated to the following:

♪Say Hello (Warm-up) and ♪Action Colors (Unit 1-2) Audio available from the QR Code below:

Red & white CD-ROM

2023, the accompanying booklet “For Teachers Teaching Book 1” is now in A4 size for easier reading!

・How to Install
・For Teachers Teaching Book 1
・The structure of the pages of the Instructional Manual
・Book 1 Communication Activities and Preparation
・Vocabulary input games
・Review and retention lessons
・Letter to Parents
・Words List
・Review and assessment lesson after Unit 10
Click here to download

Teachers who are using the older version. 
For those whose PC is a Macintosh
The ROM we sell is the Windows version.
However, we have prepared a Mac version for teachers who use a Mac.
Please contact Apricot Publishing if you would like to exchange your ROM for the Mac version.
Please contact us at

Request for teachers who purchased the product from around 2008-2012
The board is “white” and red
(First edition with CD-ROM in PC for viewing specs)
The board is “yellow” and red
(Specs to be installed on PC)

If you have a CD-ROM with a “white” and a “red” CD-ROM (left above), please contact us. We will be happy to exchange it for a ROM of the “PC installation specification” (right above).
Please contact us.
*Please specify “LW 1 Manual CD-ROM (yellow) replacement request” in the “Inquiry” field and click the “Confirm” button to send your inquiry.


A little chat with the teachers

Q: Where can I find the “35 Questions” after page 6 of the Learning World Book 1 instructional manual?
A: It is located in the Learning World 1 Instructional Manual ROM, at the top of the CONTENTS page (the column above Unit 1) you will see the words “35 Questions List for Book 1”.

Q:  Learning World Book 1の指導書6ページ以降に「35 Questions」とありますが、どこに載っているのでしょうか?
A: Learning World 1指導マニュアルロムの中に収められています。CONTENTSページの上部(Unit 1よりも上の欄)に「35 Questions List for Book 1 」という文字があります。・.. Continue (to chat with the teachers for a moment)

Please contact us and we will send you the Yellow & red version.

Yellow & red CD-ROM
(newer version)


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