Learning World 5 TOMORROW (2nd Edition) Teacher's CDs
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    Teacher's CDs only: included Listening Tests audio

Learning World 5 TOMORROW Teacher’s CDs.

All the audio you need to teach TOMORROW!

Disc 1: Units 1-6
Disc 2: Units 7-10

We listened to your feedback…

Each Unit Listening Test is after the audio for the rest of the unit.
* Based on feedback that the Listening Tests for Books 1,2,3 were too easy, the audio is recorded at a natural speed and includes 30 minutes of audio.

Class CDs include all of the audio needed to teach TOMORROW.  

Student CD audio PLUS:
・ Grammar Point audio (from Unit 5-3)
・ All stories (3) with pauses
・ All dialogues (6) with A part only and B part only (for practice)
・ Supplement: irregular verbs (100) said to a rhythm 
・ Listening Test audio (at the end of each unit, not grouped together) 
・ More challenging rhythm (with and without words) for verbs (pages 25 & 27)

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※ The Teacher’s CDs are also available as part of the Learning World 5 TOMORROW (2nd) Teacher’s Materials Set.

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