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Vol.55 Can you recommend some plays, skits and songs for grade 1-3 Elementary students (at beginners level)?

Can you recommend some plays, skits and songs that can be chosen for a recital? Beginners level for Elementary students in first to third grade and they use both PINK and YELLOW textbooks.
♦Bus Song is one of the most popular choice. (WELCOME PINK)
Reference : The Wheels of the Bus (video)

Introduction – My ….(Friend, Family, Favorite Animals etc…)
Students write about themselves in 3-5 lines. Show them on a screen and they give their presentation in English one by one. You can choose a topic from the book READY, it can be a simple English. Main thing is that students experience a presentation on their own.


♪Skidamarink a doo (Book 1 / AJ Songs&Chants CD
♪Say Hello (Change the lyrics and sing) (WELCOME PINK) Song(video)

♪Tell me, Tell me something green (Put students names in) (WELCOME YELLOW video)
♪I Like Hamburgers (Change objects that students like and make it a medley)(WELCOME YELLOW video)

30 Lesson Plans for Young Learners” contains play scripts of the following stories from our picture books.
*Tiny Boppers
*A Beautiful Butterfly
*A Teddy Bear

★There are 10 products in our picture book category. We have the following product that are made for plays which students can repeat the story lines with a slide show picture.(e-APRICOT exclusive)

Picture Books on Stage “Pal the Parrot”
Picture Books on Stage ” A Teddy Bear”
Picture Books on Stage “Our Sweet Home”
Picture Books on Stage “My Pet”
Picture Books on Stage “Who Stole the Cookies?”

More and more schools use Learning World series for presentation. You can pick any pages, the important thing is the content is fun. Some schools use the picture or the whole page on a screen and students give presentations. Some schools ignores “the standard” of recitals and show “the result of their lessons” instead.

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