Launched 21 March 2024, CHANTS for Grammar is now available with audio QR.
34 chants to overcome grammar! The input of key grammar learned in secondary school through rhythmical chants!
An array of important grammar and vocabulary that is essential for real communication!
CHANTS for Grammar is a textbook for primary school students with 4-5 years of English learning experience. It covers the main grammar taught in junior high school and is ideal for reviewing junior high school English. The left-hand page contains the chants and the right-hand page reviews the grammar.


A4 size / 72 pages / 2-colour printing

In March 2024, some English was changed during the reorganisation to include audio OR.

p.20 CHANTS No.9 What do you have in your bag?
Chants lyrics. no CDs → no snacks
Click here for audio pp.46-47、p.70 CHANTS No.34 Let’s go out if it is clear.
Chants lyrics.、Question Inquiry English. stay at home → stay home
Click here for audio・The CHANTS for Grammar text with QR code does not have a compliant CD attached to it.
・There are no changes to the ‘Answers & Explanations’ section. Please continue to use the ones you have.

■Written by Mikiko Nakamoto

↓ No.32 Chants dealing with the present perfect (experience).

The easy-to-use double-page spread structure is also used by many for redoing ‘weak grammar’!
Can be used after Learning World 3 as part of the Learning World series. (Please note that there is no complementary workbook. If you need a full-fledged post-Book 3 text, please move on to Book 4).

It can also be used as a consolidation book for the main grammar taught in secondary school!


↓ No.24 Chants dealing with the Comparative Phase.

↓ No.30  Chants dealing with the passive voice

↓As with the Learning World series, there are pages to ‘check how well you’ve done’.
In the final month of study of this text, these 20 tasks will be checked in class one by one.
★Achievement Targets page (at the end of the text).
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「CHANTS for Grammar」(product) line-up

CHANTS for Grammar  CHANTS for Grammar解答&解説


It is recommended to use them together to improve vocabulary!


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